This post will be quick.

In the near future I will be migrating our MageBR to a new blog tool and new environment. I have used Wordpress in the past and I have decided to not go back.
I also have used Drupal for the past 3 years and as much as I love it, I think it's time to move to a more simpler solution. I have been looking at a few other solutions and been testing one in particular. I would like to reveal only when the time comes, but this time we won't delete all our posts like we did moving from Wordpress to Drupal.

I will make sure all blog posts are intact and I believe that will allow me more time to write new tutorials. I will also open a new blog about cloud in general, I will post the link to the new blog once we release the new version of MageBR.

Keep an eye in the next couple of weeks for something new!