Welcome to our new blog! For the past couple of years we have been using Drupal and before that we used Wordpress. I love maintaining servers, but this is a simple blog with text and some images. Most of the content on our blog is static.

That's why we have decided to move to Ghost blog platform, it's simple to use, simple to maintain and it's freaking FAST! And to make things much better, our blog is running 100% serverless!

Yes! This blog is running on AWS S3 and Cloudflare is our CDN provider to make sure the files are distributed across the globe. I will have an explanation of how we accomplished this in our new blog about Cloud!
Yep! We are building a new blog!

Don't get me wrong, Drupal is a VERY powerful system, but it was WAY more than what we need. Plus the constant upgrades (which is great) was too much for me to keep up and maintain a safe environment for all of you.

Our blog is much safer, there is no data being hosted by us at all, every single page in this blog is a html file. We do have some content like Disqus and Mailchimp for emails (don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter).

We have a LOT to do, translation is not perfect (we also have the Portuguese version), it takes some time to generate the html files after I write a new post, but I still think this is the right move.

I have a ton of material, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter because I plan to release some great tutorials!